Search Engine Optimization: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO

You’re starting the small business of your dreams, the web address is available, and you’re on your way. The only problem? If you build a site they will not necessarily come.


Because there are billions of websites on the internet with billions of people searching the web every day. You have to stand out if you’re going to get traffic to your website. How?
Great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for getting organic traffic to your site. The importance of SEO is hard to overstate.
Are you ready to learn more about SEO strategies and SEO for your website? Keep reading for a beginner’s guide to SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. It’s making sure your website is up to standards day in and day out. It’s all about making your site visible and a valuable resource to people searching the internet for the product or service you offer and they need.

SEO isn’t something you can set and forget. Driving organic traffic to your website takes time and effort on an ongoing basis. Making it to page one of Google’s search results isn’t easy but it’s the goal of every business.

One Of The Toughest Things About SEO?

It’s a moving target. SEO is a dynamic and constantly changing field, so it’s important to stay informed. You need to optimize your content so the search engines find it. If Google and other search engines can’t find your website, it’s not going to show up in any search queries.
Search engines have robots that crawl the internet all the time. Those robots look for specific elements on your site. When you optimize all those elements, then you have good SEO. The Importance of SEO Site Design in Nashville
Most people searching the internet have specific intentions – they know exactly what they’re looking for. Good SEO identifies those intentions and drives them to your site.

That’s why you need the best SEO web design in Nashville! These are leads that then convert to sales.

There’s a lot of power in an internet search because of this targeted capability.  Instead of an advertisement that reaches people who’ll never buy your product, SEO targets only those people who already have an interest in your product.

This is what makes SEO so valuable, especially local SEO specific to a place, such as Nashville. Effective SEO strategies drive local search results and potential customers to your site but also drive those with a stated interest in the type of product you offer.
How do you get people to your site and keep them there with SEO?

A great question that leads us to the next point…

Unique, Compelling Content

Search engines don’t like duplicate content and your rankings will suffer if they think you have it. Never plagiarize content from another website, and don’t duplicate content from your own site.

You need to publish authoritative, relevant, unique content on a regular basis. One of the best ways to do this is through a blog. Create high-quality content with your target audience in mind and share it with social media marketing.

What problems does your product or service solve?
Write blog posts highlighting how your products help your audience.

Valuable content keeps people coming back to read more. You want a loyal readership that recognizes you as an authority in your niche. When they do have a need for your service or product, yours is the first company they’ll think of.

Keyword Optimization

When you’re writing your unique, high-quality content, how do you ensure your audience sees it? Through keyword optimization.
You need keywords and keyword phrases that speak to the needs of your potential customers. If you’re selling widgets, think about the words people use to search for widgets, such as: Where do I find the best widgets?
Best widgets near me
What are widgets?
How do I use widgets?
These are all phrases about widgets a potential customer might use. You can address each query in a blog post on your website. Place your primary keyword within the first 100 words of your post.
When the robots crawl your site, they’ll zero in on the keywords and index the site.

Content is one of the most influential elements of your site when it comes to search engine rankings.

Make sure and update your content at least once a week. This alerts Google that your website is active.


Metadata is also important for SEO for your website. Metadata describes components of your website that your user doesn’t see.
Description metadata is the description a user sees in the search return. It’s like a small window into your site.

Use an enticing and concise description of what’s on the page. Use between 50-160 characters. Avoid going over 160 because the search engine won’t display the description if it’s too long.

Title metadata is the page title at the top of the page that your customer sees displayed in the browser. It’s crucial and the most important metadata for the search engine.
Use titles that employ keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your site.

Alt tags are the descriptions of your images. Images are important to search engines, so always provide an alternative description on all images. This description is for viewers who can’t see the actual image.

Create a Link-Worthy Site

Create an authoritative, unbiased site with valuable content that helps your visitors. This type of site generates interest from both users and other site owners and attracts links from those other sites.

Having other trusted and authoritative sites link to yours is great for SEO. When adding links to your site, avoid links that say “click here.” The search engines don’t put any value on those links.

Instead, use links that describe where the link is leading your user. A link such as “The Bureau of Labor Statistics” generates much more value when it comes to SEO.

The Benefits of SEO for Your Website

Great search engine optimization alerts Google and other search engines to your website. It also tells them your site is active and you are an authority in your market. Ignoring your SEO is like throwing money in the trash!

Are you ready to achieve your goals and get serious about your SEO? The SEO experts in Nashville at SEO Design Time can help! Contact us today for more information.

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